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Welcome to Exploring the Science of Light!

This Web site is devoted to everything optics! You will find ultra cool activities combining Jell-O and laser pointers, definitions of terms like acousto-optics and retroreflection, profiles of optics celebs who are changing our world and an optics timeline stretching from prehistory to the present. Don’t forget to check out the tutorials featuring awesome interactive applets and the super sweet optical illusions that are sure to freak you out!

So get started on your exploration and get ready to be OPTICIFIED!

Hermann Grid Illusion

Click here to check out other wicked optical illusions.

Site Features:

Future Scientists & Tutorials
Organized based on level of difficulty and scientific knowledge, find activities that will help you understand this amazing field.

Optics Timeline
Tracks over 2000 years of key events and Optical science developments.

Reference Materials, Multi-Media links & More
A great resource for term papers, this section includes video news clips, articles, activities, links to other science resources and more…

Optical Illusions
This gallery of images shows how light and color shape visual perception.

Terms & Definitions
A glossary of Optics-related terms.

Optics Celebs
Way cool bios and articles about scientists, engineers and technicians who are changing the world by utilizing the science of optics.

Translation Service
Google’s easy-to-use translation service converts this site into many languages.

Exploring the Science of Light! is hosted by the Optical Society of America (OSA) as part of its youth education outreach programming. To request more information, and to provide feedback, please contact the OSA education programming staff at: opticseducation@osa.org.

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