Exploring the Science of Light
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Future Scientists

Did you know you can do more with Jell-o than just trade it at lunch time for something better? You can actually use it to bend light. You know that friend who always only wears black? Bet they donít realize they are actually wearing every color possible! Want to impress your friends with your ability to make things disappear right before their eyes? All you need is a couple of jars and some paint thinner and you can be the next Harry Potter! Intrigued? Then you are probably a future scientist.

Albert Einstein

In this section you will find experiments that will help you understand the physics of light, impress your friends with your new ability to manipulate light and color using nothing but a few gumballs and shoebox, and best of all, you will probably get to make a big mess all in the name of science.

Who knows you may even make a new scientific discovery of your own and get to wear your hair like Albert Einstein.

Easy Activities (Ages 5 & older)

These experiments explore the basic concepts of light and color. They will help you understand how light travels and how color and light interact with each other to produce amazing results. Activities in this section are suitable for scientists five and older. No matter your age, if you are just beginning your exploration of the science light, you should start here. Once you understand the concepts and master these activities, you may want to host a science fair!

Intermediate Activities (Ages 10 & older)

Ok — you get it. Light bends when traveling through various substances, can be scattered depending on what it hits, and the colors white and black are not as simple as black and white. The experiments in this section are recommended for scientists 10 and older. They will demonstrate concepts such as magnification, reflection and diffraction. Some of these activities require adult supervision.

Advanced Activities (Ages 15 & older)

You are ready to take it to the next level. You have mastered all the other experiments and need a challenge. Try your hand at these experiments, recommended for scientists 15 and above. You will learn about the Powers of Ten, total internal reflection and how to make your own magnifiers and lenses out of ice. Some of these activities require adult supervision.

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