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Useful Websites

There are many Web sites featuring background and research information on Optics. Many include quality experiments and online and classroom activities. Visit these sites to continue you and your studentsí exploration of the science of light.

Molecular Expressions - Online activity guide for teachers, 26 ideas for demonstrations and activities that are easy to do in class or at home.

The Magnet Lab's Science, Optics & You - Science, Optics & You is a standards-based, interdisciplinary curriculum package for elementary students and teachers through which they can explore light, color and optics. Activities are intended to engage students in active investigation of the properties of light beginning with lenses, shadows, prisms and color, leading up to the use of sophisticated instruments that scientists use to help them understand the world.

Scientific Explorations and Adventures - Paul Doherty has created a great site for high school teachers, which includes lesson plans, articles and experiments.

Physical Sciences Resource Center - The American Association of Physics Teachers has compiled a list of useful handbooks and websites for teachers.

Physics Navigation - This site includes relevant links to the web pages of high schools and colleges, physics tutorials and online textbooks.

Micro Worlds - Micro Worlds is an interactive tour of current research in the materials sciences at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source. Includes great information on light and material science and fully developed lesson plans.

Optics and Imaging Educational Links - A great list of optics websites for use in teaching.

Physics 20 - Curriculum guide on light & optics, questions and easy demonstrations.

NASA - Fun experiments from NASA to show optics principles used in fiber optics, prisms, and more. All use easy materials.

Light and Matter - An online textbook for teachers and high school students.

Optics Notes - Optics Notes is an index of optics and photonics tutorials, references and resources.

Mirrors and Reflection - Designed by a teacher, this site includes the fundamentals of mirrors and even sample homework.

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