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About OSA

The Optical Society of America (OSA)

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Founded in 1916, OSA is an organization that is dedicated to providing the science community and general public with educational resources that support technical and professional development. OSA’s publications, events and services help to advance the science of light by addressing the ongoing need for shared knowledge and innovation. The Society’s commitment to excellence and continuing education is the driving force behind all its initiatives. Visit OSA.org to learn more.

OSA’s Education Outreach

The OSA offers a variety of materials and programs to assist students from elementary school through 12th grade. We invite you to explore OSA’s education resource pages at: www.osa.org, and welcome your comments and suggestions. Contact OSA’s educational programming staff at: opticseducation@osa.org.

The OSA Foundation

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Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers

The OSA Foundation believes all students should have access to quality education resources and should be encouraged to explore scientific studies and career paths.

The Foundation focuses on advancing youth science education by providing students with access to science educators and learning materials through interactive classroom and extracurricular activities. To learn more about the Foundation, its funded programs or to request support for your program please visit OSA-Foundation.org, e-mail foundation@osa.org or call +1.202.416.1421.

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