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Optics Celebs

Optical scientists, engineers and technicians help to improve our world every day. They work in labs conducting experiments with high powered lasers, discover new and exciting ways to utilize nature’s design to improve existing products, use infrared sensors to improve the environment and tons of other cool things! And, not all of them went to school for 100 years!

Want to know more about working in the field of optics? Well now you can! Click on any of the pictures below to read about some of the ultra-fab jobs and careers of a few of the Optics Celebs out there.

The field of Optics has lots of interesting job opportunities! Now you can take a quick career quiz to match your interests with some of the many jobs that optics has to offer.

Career Match Quiz!

With all this talk of interesting careers in optics, one can wonder what career might suit you best. Well, you're in luck! Take this quick career quiz to see what interests of yours could translate into a successful career in optics.

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